13 signs of a well oiled development team

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13 signs of a well oiled development team

Important software development issues that we no longer discuss at ClickPesa


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  1. Working with Issues and Issues tracker
  2. Working with separate Git branches for every Issue
  3. Breaking Issues to a smaller Issues
  4. Meaningful variables and configurations names
  5. Meaningful project and repositories names
  6. Working with tools that serves you
  7. Meaningful and defined process
  8. Speaking-out and asking for help ASAP
  9. Meaningful commit messages
  10. A well detailed Issue description
  11. Tests
  12. Code reviews
  13. Code implementations is after a well documented research

OKAY! So… It's not that we aren't talking about these issues, but the context has shifted. Improvements, simplification, automation, and the creation of our own custom templates to manage these things within development workflows are now the focus of discussion.

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